Nicholas Hayato

Nicholas is a Marine veteran turned author. After accumulating a decade of experience in the automotive industry, he decided that corporate America wasn’t for him. Journal writing and short stories eventually led Nicholas to pursue a B.A. in English. After a few years of freelancing, Nicholas finally met his mentor, Skylar, and wrote his first book with her, from start to finish.

Nicholas resides in the middle of North Carolina. When he isn’t working on his entrepreneurial projects or spending time with his daughter, he enjoys spirited rides on his Suzuki sport bike through the Carolina countryside.

Skylar Greene

Skylar is the co-author of 99 TO 1 and is the mysterious and anonymous mentor of Nicholas. She chooses to have very little about herself revealed and is a very private person.

Skylar is a serial entrepreneur and a member of the 1%. She understands on an instinctual level the mindset, hard work and determination needed to become truly successful and financially free.